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Collagen’s the Word

Collagen’s the Word

Collagen is EXPLODING on the market, folks. From shocking popularity to how the ingredient is being marketed to consumers, collagen is among the top three ingredients of interest to people (suppliers, consumers, and branders).

A Trend That's Always Been

It may seem like collagen only made a recent appearance, but the protein actually dates back decades, and offers more benefits than most people may realize. Jordan Rubin, co-founder of Ancient Nutrition shares “gelatin was in all of the health food stores in the 70s. I believe the reason collagen is taking the world by storm is the wide diversity of users. The beauty within movement is tremendous. When you’re looking at influencers interested in collagen, you have all types of people from supermodels to professional athletes to average Joe. I believe it has a crazy ability to impact Baby Boomers and seniors as well, and do believe that they are catching on to the noise that the research and news is making and starting to explore collagen supplements.”

Social Influence

The speedup in popularity can also be attributed to the power of social media, as it works to not only make it more known, but also distribute available info on studies that show promising results. Lily Berman Lopez, founder and CEO of Guy Garden, tells Vitamin Retailer “social media is full of testimonials regarding the improved appearance of hair, skin and nails.” Word of mouth works too, but social media is surely one of the fastest ways to spread that word.

Why Collagen?

Lopez continues “what is less well known (and Gut Garden’s particular area of interest) is how great collagen is for digestive health, and by extension, immune health (70 percent of the immune system is located in the gut). Collagen is comprised of a number of amino acids that have been shown to be beneficial for digestive health, such as glutamate. Studies have shown that glutamate inhibits inflammation and oxidative stress associated with the opening of tight junctions in the connective tissue of the intestinal lining and regulates stomach acid secretion. Glycine, also found in collagen, can help heal the stomach lining and prevent stress-induced ulcers. Collagen has also been shown to repair and strengthen the lining of the stomach and intestines.” The limit doesn’t seem to exist with collagen’s capabilities.

The Versatility is Real

“Collagen is being painted as a missing nutritional compound that we used to get in our diets but don’t anymore,” said Rubin. “And when you replace the collagen you lost (starting around age 20) you receive tremendous benefits. The benefits it can provide are not limited to certain age, gender or activity.”


Rubin concludes “I’m seeing more and more research for structures and functions of collagen and am impressed with the steady and continued interest. I think the research will further evolve towards the ability for collagen to help with healthy bones as we age. This could be [a] huge area of interest for Baby Boomers and the elderly, and could potentially create a major impact on bone health. It may not be something people seek out right now in large numbers, but I believe collagen will be a great nutritional compound to benefit bones with further research.”

Rubin is right! We are seeing firsthand the rising interest in collagen’s benefits, from dietary supplement companies to the consumers themselves. The real beauty of collagen is how expansive it is. What else is expansive? Our array of stock formulas. Choose stock hydrolyzed bovine collagen with grass-fed, pasture-raised collagen peptides or create a marine collagen product, sourced form wild-caught Alaskan pollock. Makers Nutrition has everything you need to know about collagen’s abilities and we are ready to get your next bone health, beauty-enhancing product on the shelves soon!


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Our Response to COVID-19

Our Response to COVID-19

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Support to our Customers

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